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The My World Project supports middle school and a high school curriculum development. We promote projects that integrate scientific visualization into an inquiry-based program of hands-on labs, group work, and discussions to enhance students' understanding of the scientific and social issues associated with our changing world.


In addition to the activities posted in the Activity Center below, you can find My World activities in print or on a variety of other websites:
  • The GEODE Initiative has developed two 6-8 units for middle school Earth science that are in press.  They will be available by Fall 2007.  They are Planetary Forecaster, a unit on the relationship between physical geography and climate, and Earth Structures and Processes, a unit on plate tectonics.
  • The Investigating with GIS (I-GIS) Project at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science has created curriculum materials for studying the impact of mining runoff on stream and river ecosystems.
  • The Ocean Explorers project at the Center for Information Processing and the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary has developed My World activities to study marine sciences.
  • In Time & Place a site developed by Rick Thomas, has a growing library of teaching materials for classroom, distance, or home use focusing on selected topics in American history. You will find many traditional reading, map, and photo related resources, but you will also find GIS (Geographic Information System) data and activities as well.
  • The Saguaro Project is in the final stages of developing high school Earth science units for My World to be published soon.
  • Additional My World GIS activities can be found at the ESRI ArcLessons website. 

Activity Center Files
Below is a listing of downloadable activities and resources created by the My World team at the GEODE Initiative and by other My World users.

How to Install Activity Center Files:
For the files in the Activity Center, copy the .m3vz files into the data folder of the My World installation folder on your computer. On a PC it will be C:Program Files>My World GIS>data. On a Mac it will be in Applications>My World GIS>data (Depending on your version number the exact name of the folder my differ). Once the m3vz file is copied to the data folder, My World will add it to the All Projects data library. When you open My World, select the "All Projects" data library and drag the project of interest to the Layer List. This will cause My World to open the project file.

Please contribute your own activities! We  encourage all My World users to submit your own activities for use by others. All submissions are reviewed by our project team.  Click here to upload your own activity to the My World Activity center. It will appear immediately on this page as an unreviewed activity.  A member of the My World team will test the activity and contact you with any recommendations for improvements. 

Created by the GEODE Initiative:   
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Analyzing Asia's Population using MyWorldGIS

We all know that Asia is the world’s largest continent in terms of both land area and in population. However, Asia’s population is wonderfully diverse, with a tremendous variety of countries, regions, cities, and rural areas containing a wide variety of people of different cultures—customs, languages, religions, and more. These characteristics vary across space and through time. We will use MyWorldGIS to explore Asia’s population.You will discover how the size of age groups within a population can have powerful effects on the country. Understanding the dynamics of a population can help a country's leaders plan for a healthy and stable future.